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What Data Can Your Smart-Tread Tire Monitoring Solution Capture?

Your custom-tailored Smart-Tread tire monitoring solution can be configured to collect powerful data you will use to make informed decisions about vehicle & tire maintenance, selecting the best performing tires by brand and more. Use your Smart-Tread system to monitor:

Tread Depth & Irregular Wear Patterns

Air Pressure, Pressure Loss & Excessive Pressure

Tire Temperature

GPS Vehicle Location

Driver Behavior

Excessive Loads

How Do You Use This Data to Make Smart Decisions for Your Fleet?

Use Tire Health Information to Inform Critical Decisions

Your tires are talking, and tire health data is captured and turned into actionable information critical in improving numerous facets of your fleet’s performance.

Identify the Best Performing Tires

By continuously monitoring tire health, you gain insight into the most cost-effective tire selection by brand and model. AMS will train your team how to access advanced data analytics packages that include Cost Per Mile (CPM) and Miles Per Thirty Second (MPT) data to determine the best performing tire for every type of vehicle in your fleet.

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Irregular wear patterns can indicate suspension issues, alignment problems, miss-matched tire diameters or driver behavior issues. By effectively monitoring your fleet’s tire heath, you can detect mechanical and maintenance issues before they escalate into catastrophic failures or extended downtime. You’ll also reduce the risk of increased tire consumption and costly repairs.

Maximize Vehicle Uptime

Using Smart-Tread data, you can predict ideal maintenance intervals to minimize asset downtime with planned maintenance at the ideal time, while avoiding unplanned downtime due to numerous types of potential tire failures.

Safely Extend Tire Usage

Precise tread-depth monitoring allows you to get the maximum safe and usable tread out of every tire by establishing and predicting proper pull points, which saves money and reduces your overall tire consumption.

Maintain Proper Air Pressure

Ensure all the tires on all your vehicles are running at the proper inflation. Properly inflated tires provide optimal rolling resistance, delivering better fuel economy and uniform tire wear. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint leaks and sudden air loss in real time – helping to minimize the risk of a catastrophic blowout or costly unplanned downtime with proactive intervention.

GPS Vehicle Location, Tire Temperature & Driver Behavior

You can even use your Smart-Tread solution to gain powerful insights into how your vehicles are being used. Smart-Tread GPS offers precise vehicle location and real-time route tracking. Temperature sensors and GPS data can also give you accurate insights into driver behavior such as acceleration, braking, cornering, and overloading. Each of your vehicles is an expensive asset, Smart-Tread will help ensure your vehicles are being treated with the respect they deserve.

Data Delivered Directly to Your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone

Smart-Tread Data Analytics Dashboards can be configured and customized to deliver the data that matters most to you and your fleet management team, finance team, or executive leadership. Your AMS client relationship manager will help you configure your dashboard, push notifications and alerts to best meet your organizational needs. Here are some examples of how we can customize your data analytics dashboard:

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