Direct Tire Measurement Technology

Advanced Mobility Solutions’ (AMS) approach to tire tread wear sensing employs Tyrata™ sensing technology.

Smart-Tread products are built on Tyrata™ sensing technology with solid-state sensors that collect data from the tread of tires without physically modifying the tire. The solid-state technology creates a robust and dependable solution which can stand up to the harshest operating conditions.

Smart-Tread directly correlates a sensor measurement with a current tire tread depth state, without the need for a myriad of sensors, cameras or lasers and because it is direct measurement, it does not rely on complex algorithms to estimate the tire health.

How it Works

Advanced Mobility Solutions’ products use a unique approach to directly measuring and monitoring tire tread health. Nano-Wave technology uses a wireless field that passes through the tire’s tread and provides feedback to the solid-state sensors to directly and accurately measure the tread thickness.

Smart-Tread has the following attributes:

  • Direct measurement of tire tread depth; like using a physical gauge but achieved with wireless signals for incredible accuracy
  • Low-cost hardware for affordable implementation
  • Weather proof and durable drive over unit
  • Converts standard 120V to low voltage (no special wiring or installation required)
  • Interfaces with a robust cloud-based data analytics engine for customer specific tire health insights

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