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Drive Over System (DOS) Technical Overview

drive_over_plate in use

A speed bump-style system for fleet depots and maintenance centers

Actual direct measurement of tread-depth

Identify tread-depth mismatch and uneven wear

Service lane view to instantaneously review tread-depth by vehicle

Actionable dashboard, data and customizable alerts

Easy installation and noninvasive - no trenching required

No routine maintenance or cleaning as it is not affected by road debris, ice, snow, etc.

Fully automated so no staffing required

Actionable Information from Your DOS

AMS Dashboard Example

Configurable data portal gives you actionable data for planning, decision making, and predictive maintenance. Service lane view to see real-time tread-depth. Complete tire status scattergram of every tire in your fleet to easily identify which tires need service.


Customized Real-Time Alerts: Getting the right information to the right person at the right time

  • Low tread-depth
  • Tread-depth mismatch across duals
  • Tread-depth mismatch across sides

Daily Reports: Your information, your way

  • Vehicle status wear graph by tire
  • Tire changes
  • Tire wear history with time & date stamped data points

DOS – It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three…

AMS ETS Tire Sensor Overview

Rugged, solid-state drive-over plate captures tread depth across entire tread width and reports lowest point of every tire on each axel, by position

Each Vehicle is Identified with a Unique RFID Tag

RFID tag reader uniquely tracks each tire that passes over the system and sends all data to your fleet dashboard for data analytics, reporting & notifications with no tire sensors

Ideal for Domiciled Fleets

  • Public Transit
  • School Buses
  • Short Haul Trucking
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Service Fleets
  • Public Utilities

“A Critical Addition to Our Tire Maintenance & Safety”

“The AMS drive over system has been a critical addition to our tire maintenance and safety program. I no longer have to worry that thread depth measurements are being done consistently or accurately. The irregular wear alerts allow us to stay ahead of steering and suspension component failures and avoid costly breakdowns. The mismatch feature for rear tires alerts us to inflation issues allowing us to address these before tires are damaged.”

John Jones – TARTA



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