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TECH International do Brasil released the creation of a new company of the Group, which will be fundamental in the strategy of company to achieve its vision of future, based on the 4Rs – Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Reuse: AMS – Advanced Mobility Solutions.

AMS comes to market to actively participate in the ecosystem mobility solutions, to identify, evaluate, develop and market new cutting edge mobility solutions that, in turn, will feed the other businesses of Group.

As an example of the solution offered, we can mention the technology Nano-Wave that uses reflection of electric field of electrodes, sensors based on nano-waves of carbon, to directly and accurately measure the surface of the tyre. Leveraging the legacy of more than 80 years of TECH Tire & Wheel of production of high quality tires and wheel service products, AMS is also bringing another mobility solution called “Smart-Tread” that performs the direct measurement of the depth of the tire tread, demonstrating how use a physical meter, but with wireless signals and incredible accuracy.

The solution features hardware low cost for implementation, Durable and weatherproof unit and operates with Ethernet power cable (no wiring or special installation required) In addition to these attributes, it interfaces with a robust Cloud-based data analysis for specific insights from the customer of the condition of the tires.


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